Accepted papers

The following papers have been accepted for presentation at GandALF 2016:
  1. Patrick Ah-Fat and Michael Huth. Partial solvers for parity games: effective polynomial-time composition
  2. Carlos Areces, Raul Fervari, Guillaume Hoffmann and Mauricio Martel. Relation-Changing Logics as Fragments of Hybrid Logics
  3. Massimo Benerecetti, Daniele Dell'Erba and Fabio Mogavero. A Delayed Promotion Policy for Parity Games
  4. Nick Bezhanishvili and Clemens Kupke. Games for topological fixpoint logic
  5. Patricia Bouyer, Nicolas Markey and Daniel Stan. Stochastic Equilibria under Imprecise Deviations in Terminal-Reward Concurrent Games
  6. Laura Bozzelli, Alberto Molinari, Angelo Montanari, Adriano Peron and Pietro Sala. Model Checking the Logic of Allen's Relations Meets and Started-by is P^NP-Complete
  7. Davide Bresolin, Emilio Muñoz-Velasco and Guido Sciavicco. On the Expressive Power of Sub-Propositional Fragments of Modal Logic
  8. Florian Bruse. Alternation Is Strict For Higher-Order Modal Fixpoint Logic
  9. Florian Bruse, Daniel Kernberger and Martin Lange. A Canonical Model Construction for Iteration-Free PDL with Intersection
  10. Véronique Bruyère, Quentin Hautem and Mickael Randour. Window parity games: an alternative approach toward parity games with time bounds
  11. Manfred Droste and George Rahonis. Weighted linear dynamic logic
  12. Gaelle Fontaine, Fabio Mogavero, Aniello Murano, Giuseppe Perelli and Loredana Sorrentino. Cycle Detection in Computation Tree Logic
  13. Pierre Ganty and Damir Valput. Bounded-oscillation pushdown automata
  14. Miika Hannula, Juha Kontinen, Martin Lück and Jonni Virtema. On quantified propositional logics and the exponential time hierarchy
  15. Milka Hutagalung, Martin Lange, Norbert Hundeshagen, Dietrich Kuske and Etienne Lozes. Multi-Buffer Simulations for Trace Language Inclusion
  16. Swen Jacobs, Leander Tentrup and Martin Zimmermann. Distributed PROMPT-LTL Synthesis
  17. Stephane Le Roux and Arno Pauly. A semi-potential for finite and infinite sequential games
  18. Tomer Libal and Marco Volpe. Certification of prefixed tableau proofs for modal logic
  19. Yoshiki Nakamura. The Almost Equivalence by Asymptotic Probabilities for Regular Languages and Its Computational Complexities
  20. Mark Reynolds. A new rule for LTL tableaux
  21. Leander Tentrup, Alexander Weinert and Martin Zimmermann. Approximating Optimal Bounds in Prompt-LTL Realizability in Doubly-exponential Time

Important Dates

Abstract submission: May 20, 2016
Paper submission: May 27, 2016
Abstract & Paper submission: June 6, 2016
Notification: July 8, 2016
Camera-ready: August 5, 2016
Early registration: August 21, 2016
Late registration: September 4, 2016